Who Is The Vacek Group

Structural EngineerVacek Group is a Houston area structural and architectural engineering company established in 1994. The company offers years of experience to insurance companies, independent adjusters, attorneys, architects and the private sector.

The principal of the firm, Sam S. Vacek, P.E. is a Structural/Architectural Engineer with extensive experience in commercial and residential structures.

The firm specializes in structural damage assessments, failure analysis, structural reconstruction, structural forensics, expert testimony, and structural design with a timely response supported by detailed evaluations and state of the art computer modeling and color graphics

The firm's main objectives concerning damage assessments are to identify the damages, determine the causes of the damages, determine measures necessary to terminate the sources of the damages, and recommend a scope of repair necessary to repair the structure.

The firm's main objectives concerning new construction and reconstruction projects are to provide the most cost effective and reliable structural design. The structural designs are supplemented by the damage assessment experience obtained that minimizes the potential of future distress to the structure caused by other sources.

Vacek Group practices only within the structural and architectural engineering fields. Should any other type of engineering be needed, we will be glad to assist you with retaining suitable expertise.