Moisture Evaluations of Building Envelopes have become critical in recent years. The new building envelopes (exterior walls and roof assemblies) have become more air tight due to energy conservation efforts causing the components to be more susceptible to moisture accumulation. Moisture accumulation leads to deterioration and mold growth. These analyses provide insight into which assemblies are more prone to moisture accumulation and which assemblies are better suited to your structure. Calculations are performed on an hourly basis and provide such critical information as moisture content of building components and surface relative humidity. Since the following example analyses are dependent upon particular structural components in a particular climate, they may not reflect your specific condition.



Brick Veneer
Thin Stucco
Steel Framing




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Computer aided analysis can be used predict future performance or analyze existing distress. The current tools allow direct modeling of the structure that can show the components in a realistic form that can be easily understood by many. Color coding of stresses makes it easy to identify problematic areas.
Structural analysis has has stepped forward in recent years. Building components are computer modeled to explore the various possible solutions. Through computer modeling, different solutions can be investigated and the best fit solution can be implemented.