Photo Examples of Structural Damage

Below are image galleries that display typical structural damage. These were actual projects worked on by The Vacek Group.

The water damage photographs display a variety of types of water damage including window leakage, wall leakage, and slab leakage.  Moisture accumulation in the air-conditioning system that leads to mold is also included.  Damage to a slab-on-grade vapor barrier can lead to slab leakage.

Fire damage to a structure can be due to the fire itself or the resulting water damage caused by the fire fighting activities.  The photographs depict damage to wood framed, concrete masonry, and steel framed structures.

Explosions can be from various sources such as large petrochemical facilities or from small internal gas accumulation issues.

The foundation movement photographs show resulting damage from foundation movements that include cracks, separations, and movements of concrete masonry, brick masonry, residential drywall, and roof framing.

The roofing damage photographs show damage from temperature, wind, and improper structural specification.

Collapses are usually dramatic.  The photographs show damage resulting from slope failure (soil movement), earthquake, water ponding on a roof surface, and improper structural specification.

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